Below is the APRS map locally. Provided by APRS.fi it shows all the local APRS information including weather reports.

As many of you already know my call-sign is WX9RLT.

Yes, it is a vanity call sign!  WX for weather, 9 for the area, RLT for my initials.

I got my tech. license on May 19th 2014.

And upgraded to my general on October 17th 2015


I monitor 146.520 a lot and do APRS

I am a trained storm spotter and I am apart of the Skywarn and ARES.  

I am a member of R.A.R.A. and am also a  net control operator


I am a member of the YLSystem 14.332 my member ID # is 17123

 Also the OMISS net #10766

I love to trade QSL cards via snail mail.

Send a self addressed stamped envelope.  

I will reply back to 100% of QSL cards via snail mail with SASE. 


Looking forward to contesting and DX and special stations.

I made my first special station contact with    

N4A, the Stuart Air Show MCARES.  

Which is really awesome because not only was it my first special station contact, but also my first on 15 meters.  But I am a HUGE aviation fan.  And it happened on Halloween 2015!  How cool is that!!!

I have contacted the ISS via packet several times already 🙂  I am still working on voice.

I do like to rag-chew a bit, OK ALOT!

My Goal: To work all 50 states. And before i die I want to work all the grids. Wish me luck!


I wanted to make an up to date page for the area nets in and around the Rockford, Illinois area.  This is the most up to date list in the area.  I am a net control operator for the R.A.R.A. on Monday nights at 8 pm on 146.610.  There are several nets in the area. Feel free to join the nets!  No membership is needed.

Local Area Nets


  • Big Thunder Net at 8 pm on 147.375
  • Green County ARES Net at  7:30 p.m. on 145.110
  • Whiteside County ARES Net at 8 p.m on 146.850


  • ——> R.A.R.A. at 8 pm on 146.610   ( I am a net control operator, be sure to join in!!!)
  • Kishwaukee Amateur Radio Club Net at 8:30 pm on 146.730


  • Tonys Net at 8 pm on 147.300
  • Rock County ARES at 7 pm on 145.450
  • Ogle County ARES Net  at 9 pm on 147.165


  • Greater Beloit Amateur Radio Club Wednesday Evening Net – 7:30 p.m. on 147.170


  • Northern Illinois Ares at 7 pm on 146.610



Credits & Sources: Max Gersh, Jimmy Dorsey, R.A.R.A., Northern Illinois ARES


  • 146.610 – Offset PL 114.8
  • 147.000 + Offset PL 114.8
  • 147.255 + Offset PL 114.8

Credit: Repeaterbook.com

Winnebago County Repeaters & Net Frequencies

Winnebago County Repeaters & Net Frequencies







Long Overdue Blog About My Most Recent ham Radio Contacts

A long overdue blog here. I apologize for not blogging as much as I should be.

I been able to work several school clubs during the roundup this week on HF. Been good to hear the younger generation work the ham radios!  I was able to ragchew with a few as well. Some them operators were working the contest fast, spitting out the contacts. Was amazing to hear. They are definitely natural ham radio operators!

The only DX I made recently, was to Canada.  I actually was running QRP (5 watts) and made it to the northern half of Canada on SSB. My jaw kinda dropped (literally) when that happened!  I kinda know my setup range and how far I get out with the recent band conditions. And I was utterly amazed at 5 watts.

I came across a food net on 7.220 in the afternoons.  Met some great guys on there.

Also been working the nightwatch net as well.

Supposed to be a solar storm hitting soon. That is supposed to knock the band conditions way down in the dirt again 🙁   I am not looking forward to that at all. So I been trying to get my radio time in, before it hits. Last one that hit knocked the conditions out for awhile.

Check out my last 10 contacts here ~ CLICK HERE



I Worked The FBI Amateur Radio Club

I turned on the radio earlier today and I was on 20 meters. I just started to scroll the dial when I heard K3FBI, I was like that is an odd call sign. So I stopped and listened and come to find out he was a special station/club.  He was working the FBI Amateur Radio.

I got through the pile up on my 2nd try!   I stood by and listened awhile and he worked a lot of stations, a few school stations and a few FBI agents.  Pretty cool to listen too

Setting Up The FTM-400 With The ISS

Does anyone know how to set up the FTM-400 so we can do packets with the ISS?

In depth tutorial would be awesome

I know ya have to set the path up for R0ISS in the aprs feature, but I don’t think I am doing it right. So was hoping someone has info on how to properly set it up.

We have searched the net with no results

Email me at WX9RLT@Gmail.com  

My 2nd HF Aeronautical Contact

I have been down with the flu over the last few days.  I just recently got back on the radio.  Band conditions have been very poor for me the last few days and just opened up a little bit this morning.  I was able to make my second aeronautical HF contact a little bit ago (TG9AOR) so I was pretty happy.  He was flying over the Gulf of Mexico. When I talked to him.  It was a brief contact.

I am trying to get DX stations.  That is what I’m trying to work on as I type this.  There’s been several DX stations but with huge pileups.  So I just keep spinning the dial.  There’s a South Africa station. I’m trying to work right now.  But with no success.  Wish me luck

First Official Ham Radio Contest

I worked my first official contest today. I got a total of 12 contacts. A total score of 120. I was able to hit the Cayman Islands. I was trying to find the balloon rally in AZ. They were working this weekend. I am hoping to get them tomm. I love working special stations. That would be awesome for that one, because I love hot air balloons!!! Below is a list of my NAQP log. I had a lot of fun doing it 🙂

CREATED-BY: N3FJP’s NAQP Contest Log 3.9

QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 1807 K4HA Pat VA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 1822 KC0W Tom ND
QSO: 21000 PH 2016-01-16 1832 ZF2PG Pete ZF2
QSO: 21000 PH 2016-01-16 1835 N2IC Steve NM
QSO: 21000 PH 2016-01-16 1857 NY7N Andy AZ
QSO: 28000 PH 2016-01-16 1858 N6ZFO Bill CA
QSO: 28000 PH 2016-01-16 1906 W6NL Dave CA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 1917 W7RQ Bob UT
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2011 NX6T Pat CA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2036 NE1C Puablo MA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2044 W1CTN Jerry CT
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2110 N1IXF Rich CT